Digestives were the traditional indian household preparations which were not only flavorsome but also had medicinal usage for digestive troubles. As tasty as they are, Digestives are absolutely irresistible. These Churans, as they are generally known in india, are a mixture of various herbs and spices put together in the right proportion.

Heeng Ki Tikiya

Aplam Chaplam

Jeera Goli Special

Manchali Imli

Mitha Amla

Imli Laddu

Amla Pachak

Anardana Churan


Methi Pachak

Orangee Tablet

Anardana Goli

Jeera Goli

Heengwati Special

Imli Laddu (Big)

Aamwati Tablet

Shoudhy Harad

Khatta Chhuhara

Jeera Pachak

Imli Laddu Small


Adrak Pachak


Kali Goli Heeng

Heengwati Tablet

Heengwati Ex. St.

Ajwain Pachak

Hazma Hazam



Khatta Mitha Chhuhara