Quality is not an act, it is a Promise

Obtaining international standards of quality has not been only an incident yet a constant endeavor. Since we deal in edible items we are extremely cautious and maintain cleanliness at all stages utilizing hygienic manufacturing methods. Our motto is "Eat Healthy & Serve Healthy", along these lines we encourage careful selection of raw material with minute monitoring of handling and packaging. Basic contents of the Quality Policy are:
  • Utmost Satisfaction of Consumers expectation
  • Innovative, cost and time effective services
  • Steady and persistent quality improvement
  • Fulfillments of characterized quality target targets
  • Add to the organization as an international place for magnificence.
  • Persistent evaluation of market to investigate challenging areas of operation.

The arrangement lays down the basic theory and translates it into practice, by characterizing formalized systems to be completed in sequential steps. Simply stated the methodology comprise 4 elements :
  • Task Definition
  • Task Assignment
  • QC/QA plan for each task element
  • Documentation and feedback

Our items are manufactured under GMP certification and we maintain the stature of a reliable name in local, national and international market. We cater to not only individual needs but also spread our efforts to serve the retail chains in India and abroad.