Mouth Fresheners, commonly known as Mukhwas in India , are extensive preparations of various Indian herbs to suit the taste platter. These mouth fresheners are consumed widely as they are a preferred necessity post meals.

Satrangi Mix

Kesar Mix

Shimla Mukhwas

Silver Sounff

Silver Jintan

Madhur Chhuhara Special

Madrasi Sounff

Flax Seeds (Roasted)

Royal Green Mix

Shahi Mix

Rajasthani Sounff

Mewa Mix

Silver Softy

Mix No. 2

Silver Coated Eliachi Dana

Royal Bullion Mix

Royal Kashmiri Mix

Royal Sounff Fusion

Red Mix

Navratan Mix

Kesar Elaichi

Gulabi Mix

Pineapple Mix

Royal Fancy Mix

Royal Kitti Mix

Royal Jet Mukhwas

Royal Olympic Mix

Green Mix

Sounff Special

Party Special

Lal Mix

Rim Jhim Mix

Sesame Seeds

Royal Fennel Delight

Royal Milky Mix

Royal Rajwadi Mix

Dilbahar Mix

Rajasthani Mix

Rasbhari Sounff

Pan Mix

Silver Mishri

Sounff Ki Churi

Royal Festival Mix

Royal Mint Mukhwas

Royal Roasted Mix